Birthing the Promises of God


God has many, many names, all of which are recorded in scripture unveiling different facets of His personality and character. For the purposes of this blog entry, I want to refer to God as ‘The Creator,’ because in the very beginning of time, God has been creating things. God is, by nature, VERY creative! In fact, He is the worlds first artist! He had all the blue prints of every living thing recorded, in detail within His mind, and then, at the appointed hour, breathed and spoke it into being. This brings me to the key point of this blog,

What promises has God been creating, developing and birthing in you?

As His children, we are created  to mirror the image of our Father, so by divine genetics, we like to create with our words and actions. I’m talking specifically here about the promises and purposes that God has spoken into your life. Do you know the plans He has for you? Has He spoken them into being? Is He developing them in you as you read this? Some of you are reading this and saying ‘I have no idea what my purpose is or what He has planned for my life!’, and so just for a moment I want to you close your eyes and pray this simple prayer, 

“Lord, your word says that you know the plans you have for my life, plans to prosper me and not to harm me, to give me hope and a future, that if i call upon you in prayer that you will hear me, when i seek you with all my heart, so here I am Lord! Show me the plans and purposes you have for my life and breathe them into being according to your will, for your glory and the fulfilment of your Kingdom coming here on earth. In Jesus name we pray, Amen” 

How do we know what God has in store for us? Well, only God can truly tell you that but we can gauge an idea by what he has woven inside your heart and personality. So, I want you to do a brief exercise! Get a piece of paper and answer these questions, please write down as much detail as you can. 

1. What am I most passionate about?

2. What am I naturally gifted at?

Romans 11:29 says, ‘the gifts and the calling of God are irrevocable,’ which means that God cannot take back what He has already given you and laid out for you in your path. This is usually a mixture of your giftings and your passions. If God has called you to something, you’re naturally going to be passionate and zealous about it. I have always had a heart for encouraging and helping people and also developed an interest in graphics and design work. God then married the two together and conceived the idea of Manna Cards. For the last year, God has been talking to me through the metaphor of pregnancy and conception and so, I want to unravel it in the hope that He will speak to you too. 

The point of conception comes when God breathes the blueprints of His ideas into your spirit, marrying your God given gifts and passions together and says ‘This is what I have for your future.’It was early 2014 when God started conceiving the idea of Manna Cards within my spirit. At first I was overjoyed and thought WOW! Yes this is amazing, this all sounds wonderful! But as the weeks/months went on, the enormity o what He was asking me to do started sinking in and suddenly I wasn’t so sure if I was up to doing it! ‘What would people think of me? Would they think i was mad? Who would even buy them anyway? Where would the money come from? I have no idea about business, I don’t even have a computer! I haven’t got a logical bone in my body Lord, you’ve got the wrong person!’ You name it, I struggled with it and when i say struggled, I mean full on wrestled with God about it! 

First Trimester
Spiritually speaking, the first stage of pregnancy can be the scariest part as we start to walk in the vision God conceived within us. We can become fearful, anxious and full of doubt! What if it doesn’t happen, what if this is all in my head, what if I mess up and it fails? Not only that, but other people cant see that you are pregnant even though you know that you are! So, excitedly, you start telling people the good news and what God’s doing in you but they can’t see the outward working of your inward developments yet so don’t share in the vision God has planted within you. People are apathetic and almost nonchalant about the whole idea, ‘yeah, that’s a really good idea Danielle, you should defiantly go for it,’ but with little to no expectation of it coming to fruition. This is specifically poignant if you’re like myself and a visionary with lots of ideas! This is also the part where God starts to lay the foundations of the plans and you seek after confirmation in His word to direct your path, so you start focusing on your spiritual nutrition! 

Second Trimester
This is the stage where you start to see things progressing outwardly, we start to notice changes in our life, the body prepares for the child but spiritually, God is preparing us for what is to come. You are being stretched! The stretch marks  start to show, you experience a lot of changes and some unexpected turbulence! You also begin to see things fall into place and people also start to see Gods hand within the situation. Fruit starts forming on the tree of your plan and people will start to ‘catch the vision’. Around this time, you will also have people who have gone before you who will come to encourage, teach and counsel you in their experiences and wisdom. This is the season where the plans and purposes start to grow and develop, becoming stronger and deeply rooted in your mind, will and emotions as it comes to maturity. 

Third Trimester
This is the most exhausting part of the pregnancy! You are ready to explode, everything is nearly ready to be brought into life! You start nesting, creating an environment for the baby to grow and prosper in. You start to prepare for the imminent arrival of the promises you have been expectantly waiting for. You come to the realisation that your life is about to change forever, that it will never be the same again! You become tired, impatient and heavy laden, you long for it to all to happen! You are almost exasperated because you are so close to completion and everything is in place to receive it.

A few days before the delivery begins, you start to experience birthing pangs, you feel in your spirit things are starting to move. As time goes on, they become more frequent and intense. You start to notify your ‘midwives’, the people who have nurtured you on your journey. You call them in to help you in the delivery, and then its all systems go! Labour very rarely goes according to plan! In the delivery of Manna Cards, it was full on panic stations! Nothing happened the way it was meant too! We were booked in to exhibit at a conference and couldn’t source the right paper, the shipment didn’t arrive when we did finally locate it and we ended up exhibiting with old redundant versions of the cards. Quite honestly, I think it was the most stressful week of my life!! But! When everything was resolved, being there in the completion of Gods plans and promises, showing ‘the baby’  to everyone, testifying of Gods goodness and faithfulness in the midst of the development and journey from conception to delivery was worth it all. So, what promises has God been creating, developing and birthing in you? Do you identify with any particular stage? We are created to birth the dreams, visions and plans of God, called to bring to life the unseen things! So what are you birthing? What has God spoken to you about that you are holding in your spirit? Have you started walking in the promises He has given you? Or maybe today is the day you start! Wherever you are, know that God is in the midst of you, He is the one who will bring it all into fruition. He placed the passions and gifts within you to build His Church, we just need to be obedient to His directives! So what are you waiting for? Start walking it out in faith, nutritioning yourself in His word and filling up on His living waters! For He is faithful to all his promises!

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