Doing the Dishes with Jehovah Jireh


Life is full of mundane, repetitive activities… But God has this amazing way of dropping into these moments and making them ‘extra’ ordinary. For some reason, God keeps talking to me lately while I’m doing the dishes, maybe its because I’m being quiet and not talking for once!

A few weeks ago, (as I was washing the dishes), I was looking out at my niece and nephew playing in the garden without a care in the world and was thinking ‘wouldn’t it be great if it was their responsibility to do the dishes?’ Just like that, God whispered into my heart and said ‘Kids don’t have responsibilities.’ He caught me completely off guard, so I pondered on that for a moment. Faithy and Jacob have everything provided for them, we clothe them, feed them, bath them, encourage them, take them on adventures etc, they are completely dependant on us in every way! Then He said

The only responsibilities you have are the ones you aren’t putting into your Heavenly Fathers Hands, be like them, be a kid.’

This morning while I was doing the dishes, I was watching a sparrow in the back garden. I watched this little bird sporadically picking out worms from the grass and was so amazed because without even looking, he knew were to find his next worm! It was incredible! I stood and watched this little bird for 5-10 minutes picking out worm after worm with ease! The question ‘How on earth is it able to do that?’ crossed my mind continually in those moments as I watched in awe and wonder at this little bird. Then I heard a little whisper in my heart, “I provide for their every need” and it blew me away!

How many times a day do we freak out over money, worry about paying bills, try to work things out and manage our lives into an organised, routine system? Here was this little bird, not even looking where he was going, having the time of his life wandering around the garden picking out all the worms without a care in the world! And yet, we find it so difficult to fully trust in and rely on Him to give us our daily bread and provision.

God has been reminding me lately of just how much He provides for us, even down to the last little details! At Openskies, a man told us about a conference called Awakening Europe in Sweden. Ever since I’ve heard about it, It hasn’t left my mind! So, I went to God and said, 

‘Papa? Do you want us to go? I don’t have any money, I really cant afford it at the moment, can you help please?’ 

And you know something? The money all came in, not just for myself but for the people I’m going with! Even down to the provision for my new passport following a prompting from the Holy Spirit! Its literally incredible, I am so amazed!

He is Your Provider

I think trusting that God will provide for you is easier said than done if I’m honest, but you know? If you entrust Him with your little mustard seed of faith, He will water it and you will be amazed! When He tells us that He is our Jehovah Jireh: The Lord Who Provides, He means it! Our challenge today is, will we believe Him and trust Him with every element of our lives and live in surrender and release the things we are holding onto into His hands?

Our Father owns the Heavens and the Earth and individually placed and named every single star in the sky… I think He can provide for everything you need… Trust Him!

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