Heavens Finest // You are worth it


Maybe it’s a Northern Irish thing, but I have always struggled to justify spending money on myself, like i’m not worth the money! I have no issues giving or spending money on other people but somehow when it comes to myself I almost recoil at the idea! A majority of my wardrobe is made up of a mixture of eBay bargains and charity shop cast offs that have accumulated over the years and are worn out and definitely unflattering! Up until a year or two ago, I had no issues wearing clothes with holes, rips and tears and were falling apart! But why?

Investing your resources on yourself
I was with a friend at the weekend and was talking about the current state of the boots I was wearing (that I got from eBay last christmas for £20), and how they had holes and big splits in the soles. They’d been like this now for a number of months but thankfully it wasn’t really an issue because it hadn’t really been raining! While talking to my friend, he told me of how I should invest and spend the money and buy myself a decent pair of shoes because when I do, they’ll last twice as long and be more cost efficient in comparison to cheap ones. It really got me thinking about how i see myself and really challenged me as to why am i so content to have the ‘counterfeit’ and the ‘cast offs’. Surely if i truly see myself as a ‘Daughter of the King’ I should treat myself as a princess and respect and honour who I am and who He’s made me to be!

Later that day, I was speaking to another brother in Christ who told me that I was precious and somehow the sincerity in his voice spoke directly into my heart and resonated with me that ‘I am precious!’ I was suddenly aware that I spend so much time telling everyone around me how worthy and precious they are but completely neglected to affirm and see it in myself and was content to be the cast off. Somehow I always seem to be measuring myself by my own insecurities and shortcomings, I realised that the issue with how I seen and treated myself was coming from a wrong mindset and rejection in my heart.

Changing your perspective
I asked God to change my perspective and I started seeing the work that God had invested in my life. I seen how He has attentively fine tuned every element of my past into a harmonious song, proclaiming His redemptive Grace and mercy in every part in my life. I started to see the value of the master craftsmanship God has invested in my life, and realised that I need to start honouring myself according to the Heavenly standard God has set before me!

So today I was in a shopping centre and was walking past a shoe shop and the thought, ‘nah, they’ll be too expensive for me, i’ll pop into Dunnes instead’ crossed my mind, no sooner had I thought it and the Holy Spirit reminded me ‘You are worth Heavens Finest’ and so I went in and low and behold, I spotted a beautiful pair of boots! I lifted them up, checking the price tag, ‘Hmm…definitely would be a splurge,’ and just as I went to put them back on the shelf I seen their branding name, ‘Heavenly Feet’

I couldn’t believe it! I was completely gobsmacked! I tried them on and just like Cinderella, I transformed from a pauper to a princess! I looked in the mirror and said ‘I am worthy of these posh shoes!

God really spoke to me today about seeing myself as an ongoing investment to His kingdom. How even buying clothes, shoes and every day life stuff can be a reflection on how we see and value ourselves. It may sounds really silly to you, if I read this two weeks ago it would’ve sounded silly to me too, but do you know you are worthy of Heavens finest? Are you settling for second best? Are you settling for the cheap cast offs? My challenge to you today is, Do you see yourself as a princess or a pauper? Why? You are so precious! You are so worthy! You are so beautiful because He makes you beautiful!

You are worth it!
I want you to put your hand on your heart and say this aloud with me:

‘I am Heavens finest, I am worth Heavens finest, I am precious, I am worthy, I am beautiful’

You know something? I walked out of that shop in my new ‘Heavenly Shoes’ and I cast off the old ones straight into the bin along with my old mind set!

I am worth Heavens finest, and so are you! So what are you waiting for? Cast off your old mind sets! You are a child of the King! You deserve the finest Heaven can offer!

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