UCB: The Power Of A Story – The Testimony of Danielle Gault


Testimony of Danielle Gault – Founder of Manna Cards As featured in UCB – United Christian Broadcasters ‘The Power of Story’

This is the official Testimony of the founder of Manna Cards. ‘The Bible is full of hundreds of stories, whether these are the testimonies of the great prophets, the parables told by Jesus, or eyewitness accounts of what was happening to everyday people. Each story is there for a purpose and many contain eternal, unchanging truths.

Each of us has a story to tell, and that story can, in turn, encourage and inspire others.

When you tell your story, people listen. One of the reasons I believe UCB Radio is so powerful is that it is a way of sharing powerful, life-changing stories across the whole of the UK. And those stories don’t just relate to the storyteller, they also make such a difference to those who hear them.

– Bob Gass, author of the UCB Word For Today and long-standing partner of UCB

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