Hello summer? Where are you?

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Am I the only one who’s sick of the rain?

This has been an odd sort of year… Just when the bright, shiny promise of a new year began, and we started to see the beauty of spring come alive beneath the soil from sleepy bulbs, we all collectively watched in horror as the world clouded over from an unknown enemy. 

Living beneath the cloud of a global pandemic has taught people across every continent many things; the most important of which is hope. 

Hope that life will return to normal, that lives would be spared. Hope that our loved ones would finally be able to make their covenantal vows to their betrothed and families that have been separated would once again be reunited.

The dictionary states that the definition of hope is the confident expectation of good, but my understanding of hope is a little different. 

I don’t believe that hope is an emotion or an expression of goodwill. I happen to know that hope is a person, and His name is Jesus. The name that is above COVID and pandemic, far above threats of economy collapsing and borders being shut.

I see Him walking among the sick comforting them or guiding them home. I see Him in the promise that He is the one who created the sanctity of marriage who affirms disappointed hearts that a delay is not a denial. I see His heart holding a mother and daughter who are praying for the simple comfort of an embrace after six unexpected months apart.

Jesus never promised us an easy life. But He did promise that ‘‘He will be with you always, to the very end of the age” (Matthew 28:20 NIV). In this world, we might never know the answers to the questions knocking on the doors of our hearts, but one day, we will find the answers that we seek.

Until then, we stand on the unshakable one, safe in the knowledge that the author and perfecter of hope is the one who scribes every day of our lives, even the rainy days where the world is dark and gloomy and the promise of sunshine and clear skies seems like a distant dream.

We have this hope. Sure and steadfast. The anchor of our souls in the storms of life and the peace that paves lights the dark and unknown path.

As you read this, are you reminded of someone who has lost a little bit of hope? We believe that God’s Word helps us to find peace in our unknown and uncertain seasons. 

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