Redefining Christmas


Collectively, across the world, we are preparing for a Christmas where people may not be able to share a meal with their loved ones, or, may be facing the season on their own for the first time after losing someone they love. Maybe for some, this Christmas looks like facing 2021 where they may have to close their business or are experiencing unemployment or the threat of redundancy.

For many, 2020 has been one of the most difficult years of their lives. For us, it was a year of new beginnings. One where we reflected and invested in the things that matter most to us and built a life that we could never have imagined.

At the beginning of 2020, we rejoiced as Becs booked tickets to go home to Australia for Christmas with her family after two years of separation. We prayed all year, that the borders would reopen and she could go home. Yet, yesterday, reality cut the last thread of hope she was hanging onto, and she had to cancel her flights.

So, we made a decision to REDEFINE Christmas.

A Christmas where we are intentional about creating new traditions, painting new memories and embrace living in a world which has been forced to stand still.

Traditions that involve muddy forest walks collecting pine cones and branches to create garlands. Or over indulging in fairy lights, coordinated baubles and cute ornaments. One where we watch Christmas movies at the weekends, drink mulled wine and listen to cheesy playlists that would have annoyed us last year but somehow have made a place in our home. One where we look forward to sending and receiving Christmas cards and book in to drive through Carol services and eat too much chocolate.

Although the world seems to have been cloaked in the darkness of uncertainty and despair, we face this Christmas CERTAIN of one thing, that

Jesus is the light of the world!

He is Christ incarnate, the fullness of God embodied in the form of His own fragile creation. He is Immanuel,  God who is with us. The one who came to redeem, renew and restore everything that has been broken.

Including a global pandemic.

Although this may not be the Christmas any of us envisioned this year, sometimes it’s in letting go of our plans and expectations, that we clear the way for God to do something new.

What are you holding onto that you need to surrender to Jesus?

Let go.

And join us in redefining Christmas.

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