Mountains and Valleys

Being in a ‘valley’ experience can be crushing and you can wonder if God still sees and knows what you’re going through. But there is a way out.

Are you sick and tired of waiting?

If you’re anything like us, waiting on the desires of your heart doesn’t come ‘naturally’, waiting on God is one of the hardest things to do as a Christian and to not step in and help God out! Have a listen to this message and[…]

Performance or pursuit

Do you struggle with worrying about what people think about you? You don’t need anyone else’s approval, your Heavenly Father already approved and validated you on the Cross. Have a listen to this…

Dreaming With God

Has someone told you that your dream was stupid and you submitted to logic and reason rather than radical faith? Who told you couldn’t dream? Tune in today to be encouraged to pursue your dreams with abandon! What would the world look like if the[…]

Resting In The Promises Of God

Are you struggling in the battle of believing what God has spoken over your life? How can we as christians develop an attitude of gratitude when are hearts are sickened with delayed hope? Join me as I discuss my journey through this battlefield…